donderdag 19 juni 2008

Oh and these Foals. I'll say nothing.

Foals, how I love you.
First the demos and the live versions. Those were awesome.
Then your performance at London Calling, which was fucking massive.
After that, Antidotes. Such an amazing album.
And now, the single of Red Sox Pugie and the b-sides of that.
I knew Brazil Is Here!, The Chronic and Dearth were great, but the new ones. God, the new ones...
This is just music as it's supposed to be, at least to me.
And you know what they say, that the best artists make b-sides which level the songs of the album.
That's the case.
Foals, you are best.
I'll give you only one, for I always believe one has to work to get something.
And the reward is always greater when the expenses were high.
Thus, here's my favourite of them:
A Sketch for ESG!

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