maandag 24 maart 2008

Fuel #1 (Vrolijk Pasen!).

Woooo guess who's back, back again. *O*
Okay no, forget that.
But yeah, it's true though, 'cause I'm going to start doing a post about about my favourite music every week, just like I did more than one year ago on my (like this one). And, after much self-debating, I decided to write it in English so that everyone can read it and then I can put them on as well. And I don't know, English is cool, some things I just can't express very well in Dutch. All the other posts will still be Dutch though, so it's more like half-half, sounds fair doesn't it? =]
Okay let's go!

Discovery of the week
Definitely Johnny Foreigner! This band's amazing! They make unbelievably energetic and fast indierock and it really seems as if they recorded some songs and then doubled the speed with the computer or something. Really cool, and pretty outstanding as well because they consist of only two guys and one girl. It's great they're coming to London Calling, can't wait to see them there, that will be total chaos I guess. Everyone stagediving and crowdsurfing, wouldn't be surprised if there'll be some casualties afterwards =P
Here's my favourite song by them!

Event of the weak
Saturday we're going to see Hadouken! and I don't know, I still don't really like their music xD
I mean, it's fun and all, but there's absolutely no trace of good musicianship (cool word ^^) or good lyrics or anything. It's all about drinking and girls; so standard. But yeah, we're mainly going because almost all the cool people of are going so it'll be so much fun :D!
And I believe that the supporting band David Gilmour Girls are pretty good, I read that somewhere, so that's cool as well!

Artist of the week
That must be Tokyo Police Club! \o/ Their album leaked more than week ago now and I listened to it soooo many times, it's great =] So short, fun, smart and great! Not a song that I dislike. Maybe all the tracks are a bit alike but they're all good so I've got no problem with that. I really hope they'll come to Holland as soon as possible. My favourite song is Juno, I uploaded it here :D

Song of the week
The Bears Are Coming by Late of the Pier! Oooooh that song is so awesome \O/ It sounds so funny and crazy but still great at the same time, like an English tribe in the woods on another planet or something xD I think it's a mix between Klaxons, Crystal Castles and perhaps Los Campesinos! but then maybe even better. I can't wait to see this live or till their album will be released ^^ The video is amazing as well :D

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¡Th0m!as zei

Vrolijk Pasen zegtiedawn..

Happy Easter, mate!

¡Th0m! zei

Haha yeah thanks mate! xD
Nee maar dat deed ik om het ook nog een beetje niet Engels te maken zegmaar ^^
En waarom jat je mijn naam?! Haha xD

Anoniem zei

choose life in fietstunneltje naar hilberg ben jij dat :p

¡Th0m! zei

Haha ja :D!
En daarvoor heb ik ook leuk 2 dagen vuurwerk moeten opprikken x'D Daarom is 'ie ook eigenlijk niet af =P